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Name: Yuri

Nicknames: n/a

Mate: Frenzy, Jay

Kittens: Twins from a one night stand (he is unaware of this)

Other Family: Abberluna (his mother)

Fur : Mottled (white base with speckles of brown, black and gold; a few stripes of black mixed in)

Distinguishing Marks: Black ears with white and gold tufts on the ends. And his oddly colored mix-matched eyes (one is gold, the other is purple)

Breed: Mixed breed (Egyptian Mau/Unknown)

Personality: Purely a sensual tom. He's quite a flirt, and given that he is quite handsome (and knows it), his personality is a pure reflection of that. He's very open with what he wants and most of the time he gets it. Given his flirty nature, he also has a tendancy to get himself into alot of trouble. Yuri has more than once had to run like heck from unhappy toms for flirting with their mates/to-be-mates. Being slenderly built and having the ability to run fast has come in handy. He is, in the end, a home tom and wants to settle down. He'll need someone who can help him stay on track and keep him from being too outrageous.

Bio: Yuri grew up in the pampered, rich part of town as a delightful handful of a fussy showcat. His father he never knew, but his mother was a lovely Egyptian Mau who was a prized showcat. All three of his brothers and his sister died at a young age, but Yuri was too stubborn to do so. He never knew what it meant to work hard for something, other than being able to use his charm (even on humans) to get what he wanted. It was a sad way for him to find out, especially after the lovely family he lived with and his mother died in a tragic housefire. To this day, he still doesn't know how he got out of there, but the ashes from part of the fire changed his one eye to an odd purple color.

Yuri went in search of another home, aware that he was nothing like a street cat. He was a fast learner though, and quickly picked up quite a few tricks of the trade for the streets. He learnt to protect himself if need be, but mostly ran away if he had to fight. While out and about in the lowerclass part of town, Yuri met up with the Rum Tum Tugger, more or less on equal terms. The two were trying to pick up a lovely Himalayan queen, but neither were having much success. The pair snarled and hissed insults at each other for a bit before deciding that they were better as partners and allies than enemies. Tugger talked to Yuri about the Junkyard and his 'fan club' and invited the speckled tom to check it out. Yuri found that he liked it in the yard and soon found himself as the object of a new 'fan club'

Misc: n/a

Creator: Msterope

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