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Name: Tinkintale

Nicknames: Tink, Tinkin

Mate: Brel

Kittens: Niello, Etaine, and Evisten

Other Family: Unknown

Fur : Mainly a light golden yellow with white gloves, boots, and patch on her chest. Her head fur is styled much like a pixie, and her face is solid white.

Distinguishing Marks: White flecks and rosettes running up her arms and legs from her white boots.

Breed: n/a

Personality: You know how in fairy tales sprites, nymphs, and fairies all have their own stereotypical personalities and traits. The sprites are the tricksters, and are full of mischief and devilish deeds. The nymphs are quiet and mysterious and keep souly to themselves, only to grace a traveler with their presence if they are lucky. And lastly, there are the fairies. The fairies are the innocent, the sweet, and the playful, and enjoy life day by day and take it for what it truly is. Tink, to be honest is all of these. She is as devilish as a sprite when it comes to her little job, and will still an egg out of a nest just as swift and cunning as a snake. She isn't in the least bit harmful however, and finds all nature's creatures to be fascinating. Tink is the type of queen to watch an animal intently just to satisfy her own curiosity. She will answer a bird's song with a song of her own and will go so far as to lay on the ground just so she can get a better view of a bug. It isn't unlike her to mock an animal either. Some may find that weird, but that's just Tinkintale.

Bio: Tinkintale's history is a story book with a lock and no key. No one knows where she came from, not even she. She was left by the edge of the forest and was found by one of the forest tribe’s kits as a new born. Tink was raised by numerous Elders, however, she never considered any of them to be "mother" for the simple fact that none of them lived long enough for her to grow super attached. It was better that way though. Being free as a kitten allowed her to roam about and study nature as she pleased, and that was good enough for her. She was thankful however for the queens, for it gave her someone to come "home" to at the end of the day. As for friends and playmates, well, she really didn't have them either. She has grown to know every Forest tribe mate by name but usually ended up doing her own thing, which was a-okay by her.


Creator: Cayran

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