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Name: Silberia

Nicknames: Berrie, Ria

Mate: n/a

Kittens: n/a

Other Family: n/a

Fur : A Scarlett Tiger Tabby. White Bib and arms

Distinguishing Marks: One blue eye, One green eye

Breed: n/a

Personality: She is a tomboy to the fullest, but is more on the flirty side, then tough and boyish. All her time is spent with toms, since she doesn't always see eye to eye with queens. Though she doesn't get along with queens, she still believes in queen rights and will get mad if some tom belittles a queen. All around friendly and flirtatious queen, she has a nasty temper and a bitter bite

Bio: She was found on the streets, by a young girl who was a prostitute. Sadly, or fortunately, Silberia learned much of her habits and developed many of her traits by watching her owner. Silberia was very connected to her owner and her owner to her. However, her owner couldn't supply for Silberia, so about the time Silberia became a teenager she was tossed out by the girl. She ended up providing for herself the way her owner had taught her until she came across the jellicles were she found herself a home there

Misc: n/a

Creator: X22X

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