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Name: Raydar

Nicknames: Ray

Mate: Vimala

Kittens: n/a

Other Family: n/a

Fur : Mainly gold but highlighted in brown

Distinguishing Marks: His headfur is in the style of a mohawk

Breed: n/a

Personality: Personality wise, his looks explain it all. He mainly is a very playful, funny, out there, and an all around cool fella, however he has issues when it comes to introductions and is often somewhat shy. He can be very sentimental and polite, but gets flushed over the tiniest little thing. Raydar is naturally cool and collective as well, and doesn't feel the need to make his presence known all the time. He gets judged often for his wild, outward appearance, but as they say, looks can be decieving, and his trully are.

Bio: For all Raydar knows, he never did have any parents, or family. The only family he ever knew was the old human couple from New York that took him in as their pet. He figured that since he can't remeber his feline parents, the old humans must have taken him long before his eyes even opened. Once Raydar was old enough to go out on his own abit, he got caught up in some rif raff and made a few bad choices. Once he understood that what he was doing was wrong, he left the small group of alley cats, but not before getting a good beating in by them. He then understood that the streets of New York weren't as safe as he had figured them to be and remained alert and wary of all those he met. He current resides with the Jellicle Tribe of New York City

Misc: During his "Bad boy" days, he got both ears peirced (his left ear twice) and sometimes is seen with an eyebrow piercing as well

Creator: Cayran

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