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Name: Pixie

Nicknames: Pix, Annoying.

Mate: n/a

Kittens: n/a

Other Family: Aunt; Guinevere. Sister; Symphonetta

Fur : A rather small queen. Taller that Etcetera but pretty much the same build. Wears an orange ribbon round her neck and left arm. She mostly white with stripes of tabby on her back and ears. She had bright green/gold eyes and multiple scars from fights with toms. Actually quite pretty but shrugs it off when somebody says so

Distinguishing Marks: A white stripe that goes up the middle of her head.

Breed: Angora/Oriental Shorthair

Personality: She's a very stubborn queen and doesn't like getting bossed around. She's a bit of a rebel and a really good fighter. Pixie had a problem taking responsibility for her own actions. She does have a nice side but keeps it for when she's in trouble or when she feels like it. She is a bit of a tomboy and will hangout with toms and wrestle etc. When she's in a fit of rage, she sometimes says things she doesn't mean. Can easily be offended. She can be a bit selfish. Pix ¡s your usual teenager. Her mood changes from good to terrible in an instant and she somewhat has issues with herself. She likes loves to play practical pranks on queens and she would seem slightly fiendish. This young queen can be very kind and loving when she wants to be. All she needs is some love and she's not going to get much from her aunt or sister.

Bio: Pixie was one of quintuplets. There were two tomkits and three queenkits. Sadly, one of the queens was stillborn. The family lived a fairly happy lifestyle in the slums of London until Pixie’s father was hit by a truck near their home. The family was devastated, especially Pixie. After that, well, the family split. The toms wandered off to find a new life and the queens wandered the streets of London for a while. Pixie had been out pick-pocketing one day when she found a few cats who had been talking about the Jellicles’ junkyard. The tabby told her sibling and mother and they began the journey to the Jellicles. A gang of Pollicles stopped them and while Pix fought them off, her mother and Symphonetta disappeared, never to be seen again. Pix made it into the tribe, weak and tired but glad she was finally home

Misc: She's nice when you get to know her! Really!

Creator: Pix

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