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Name: Msterope

Nicknames: Missy, Terope (was used by Macavity as a pet name)

Mate: Jahnnus (deceased), Munkustrap

Kittens: Amadeus (with Macavity), Malcolm, Adalira and Aiden

Other Family: Merope (twin brother), Airafleeza (cousin)

Fur : Grey

Distinguishing Marks: Scar over right eye (which is grey because it is blind)

Breed: Shorthair

Personality: Very sassy, talked back when she was younger and always wanted to know 'why'. The more outgoing of the twins and also the more optimistic of the two, Msterope was always looking for facts and the 5 'W's of the world. She has a firm sense of justice and works to protect anyone who needs it. She can be a bit of a pain in the tail, but she means it all for the best. If you've earned the cold shoulder, it's better that way; her temper is a tightly leashed thing that, if released, can be quite deadly. Msterope also has a vicious jealous streak

Bio: Msterope and her twin brother Merope were born and raised in Macavity's empire. They didn't know either of their parents, but they were told by the Napoleon of Crime that their mother was a favorite mystic of his (killed during one of the attacks on the yard) and their father was a huge black henchcat (died of natural causes). Since the pair of them inherited parts of their mother's powers, Macavity didn't risk the pair of them becoming too powerful. At the ages of twelve, they were seperated and started training in different areas of the Warehouse.

Msterope was trained as a rogue and assassin. Trained by the Lady Griddlebone to use seduction to get information and by an unknown to use stealth. The killing training came from Macavity himself. After an incident with a henchcat, Msterope reported back to Macavity and received punishment for talking back. He backhanded her into his desk, causing the scar over her right eye as well as the loss of sight. Jellylorum, at this time the head Warehouse healer, saved the eye but could not return her sight. Msterope also met Macavity's oldest son, Jahnnus, while in the infirmary. He was her first love, but was quickly 'dispatched' of by Macavity. Shortly before Msterope, Jellylorum and Merope escaped the Warehouse with Msterope's lifelong friend (also Merope's soulmate), Saffron, Macavity punished Msterope again for having mated with his son by raping her and getting her pregnant.

After her arrival to the yard, and giving birth to her son Amadeus, Msterope found love again in Munkustrap. They lost their first kittens when Msterope fell off the tire and landed on her belly. Tugger and Munkustrap fought to get her to the infirmary on time, but it was too late. Months after the accident, Msterope got pregnant again with the eldest of the three kittens she would give Munkustrap. Malcolm would become the next Jellicle Leader after Munkustrap. Aiden and Adalira, twins with opposite coloring, would be born almost a year after Malcolm (more as a surprise than anything).<

Misc: She is a fire enchantress (can create and manipulate fire)

Creator: Msterope

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