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Name: Miko

Nicknames: n/a

Mate: n/a

Kittens: n/a

Other Family: n/a

Fur : Mostly white with Black and Gold splotches and headfur.

Distinguishing Marks: A thick grey stripe through her left armwarmer

Breed: Calico American Shorthair

Personality: One of the most outgoing cats you'll EVER meet, Miko is a smart, optimistic, and adventurous young cat. She has an great sense of humor, along with a very charming dispostion and a logically thinking mind. She tends to not care what other think of her, and in no way is she self-conscious. She is great at comming up with strategies and plans. Miko tends to pout and complain if things don't go her way, though. She often has a problem admitting she is wrong, and she gets stubborn and aggressive if things turn out for the worst. Often panics and can get very paranoid in bad situations, too, resulting in a loss of common sense and instinct.

Bio: Miko was born in a family of very rich humans in Beverly Hills, who spoiled her with everything a kitty-cat could want. She was pampered, fed to her heart's desire, and she was showered with gifts and expensive possesions. But overtime, she grew tired of the dull and proper life. She wanted freedom, independance, and adventure. So, one night when the humans had gone on vacation to London in their private jet, she stowed away on it. Once there, she left them for good. She loved stray life on the edge, and adored the fact that she could for once eat a mouse, and not a mouse shaped cake. One fall night, Miko stummbled upon the Junkyard durring the Jellicle Ball. She watched them in awe, thinking how great it would be to dance along with them. Since then, Miko has joined up with the Jellicles and earned their full trust as a friend.

Misc: n/a

Creator: Emily

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