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Name: Merope

Nicknames: Merry

Mate: Saffron (deceased), Victoria

Kittens: Geneva (with Saffron), Startrecker and Starblazer

Other Family: Msterope (twin sister), Airafleeza (cousin)

Fur : Black

Distinguishing Marks: White pyrotechnics around his eyes

Breed: Shorthair

Personality: A very grim outlook on life in general. He's always been quite morose and doesn't always look on the bright side, but having had his mother killed and his mate murdered has put a severe damper on the way he looks at life. His only real joys in life are his sister, his children and his new lovely mate. Albeit he isn't as open as he could be, he still allows some emotions to crack his stoically grim nature.

Bio: Msterope and her twin brother Merope were born and raised in Macavity's empire. They didn't know either of their parents, but they were told by the Napoleon of Crime that their mother was a favorite mystic of his (killed during one of the attacks on the yard) and their father was a huge black henchcat (died of natural causes). Since the pair of them inherited parts of their mother's powers, Macavity didn't risk the pair of them becoming too powerful. At the ages of twelve, they were seperated and started training in different areas of the Warehouse.

Merope was trained to be like his father, given his big build, as a henchcat. Macavity altered his build magically to make him alot taller than he was already going to be. Although he had some powers that led him to be an elite henchcat, his huge height (he towered over Tugger, who was considered the tallest of the Jellicle toms) and bulky, muscular build, was Macavity's main advantage. He never really had any jobs to do, seeing as Macavity spent most of his time planning, so Merope and Msterope arranged to meet secretly more than once. Saffron kept watch most of the time, and also caught the eye of the black tom. Merope's romance with her was a life-long bond. Unfortunately, after the quartet escaped to the Junkyard, and after Merope and Saffron's daughter was born, Macavity sent an assassin to kill Merope. The assassin decided to kill him theoretically and murdered Saffron instead.

Merope went into a deep depression after this happened and locked himself away in the darkness of his lonely den with his young daughter Geneva as his only touch with the outside junkyard. Msterope and Munkustrap became worried about him, but couldn't get the huge, stoic tom outside his den. The lovely, white Victoria offered to try and coax him out; which Msterope didn't believe would work, but she agreed to let Vicky try. It took several hours, but Victoria managed to crack Merope and he cried out his sorrows on her shoulder. He slowly recovered, albeit not completely, from the loss of his soul mate

Misc: He is a lightning enchanter (can create and manipulate lightning)

Creator: Msterope

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