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Name: Maximus

Nicknames: Max, Maxie

Mate: n/a

Kittens: n/a

Other Family: Blackpaw (Father), Kirinki (Mother), Grym (Twinbrother), Kvitter (Sister)

Fur : Mostly black with gold/rust and white markings, longhair

Distinguishing Marks: Maned

Breed: Mixed/ siamese

Personality: He's very patient and loving, and has a much more stable mind than his twinbrother.
He mourns the loss of their mother, but stays strong, determined to take care of what's left of his family.
He is brave, loyal and also very charming towards the ladies.

Bio: His mother and father escaped to the sewers when he and Grym was very young, and he grew up in sewers along with Grym and Kvitter after their father was trapped, disappeared, and their mother dies.
When in his teens he is persuaded by Grym to leave Kvitter behind as they are forming a little group of young tomcats, with Max as the leader. He agrees thinking he could go back and get her later when everything's calmed down, but when he returns he can't find her.

Misc: Color of his eyes are blue.
Hates rats, the cause of their mother's death

Creator: Kvitter

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