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Name: Marliana Lace

Nicknames: Marly, Marlie, Ana and Lace

Mate: n/a

Kittens: Ophillia Lace (Named after her mother, Father Unknown)

Other Family: Shimmer Lace (Mother, Deceased), Dyrius (Father, Deceased)

Fur : She has a very light tanish fur, her markings and patterns an Black (Spots almost like that of a Servals) with a White Belly. Around her face are some small, silver furred Highlights, namely above her eyes, and around her hair base.

Distinguishing Marks: She has a large scar over one eye which keeps her eye closed and several claw marked scars along her back. Her hair is also long, reaching down to just above her mid back. Her hair being a silver color with Tan highlights.

Breed: Mixed/Unknown

Personality: Marliana is a very pleasant lady. She can seem Civilized at times but there are also moments when she gets around to being a bit more... mean than most. Of course, this happens when she's not in the mood to mess with anyone. She enjoys the company of others and is really looking for those to just sit down and talk with. A Natural fighter she knows how to protect herself should anyone wish to pick something with her. However, she also has a small depression due to her parents deaths. She is also HIGHLY protective of her daughter and should anyone show any errors that could put Ophillia in danger, Marli will not hesitate to strike.

Bio: Marliana is a very interesting lady. She has been around the area for awhile and has worked with her family when she was a kitten. Until an incident when something happened and her parents had mysteriously disappeared. Going to find them she was lost for sometime before finding both of her parents. Of course it pained her to see that they were near death and she was devastated to see that her parents were in such a Condition.
Trying to help the two she had gone to hunting rats and other small critters to try and give them what they could use to survive but in the end. Bother Shimmer and Dyrius had passed on. The young feline at the time feeling that it was her fault they were gone had slunk down into a pit where she would try and be a loner. Of course, she still hunted for herself and fended for herself but she was picked on by other felines in the general area. Which is how she'd earned her claw scars along her back, being a loner she had to defend herself as quickly as possible. And in one particular fight, she'd been claws completely across the face.
During her times alone she had found one male in which she had loved. Of course, the two had their times together but shortly after he had to depart from her. Leaving her to tend to her young Kitten by herself. Ophillia Lace (Her last name based on her mothers and grandmothers) was Marliana's pride and joy. Something to shed a little light into her otherwise dim life in the area. With her daughter and with a new shred of light she now works on finding someone else to help tend to her daughter and to possibly shed even more light on her dim life.

Misc: Marliana is a skilled tracker and can hunt well should she need to. She is also adapted to hiding in dark alleys and corners.

Creator: Jennifer