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Name: Kvitter

Nicknames: n/a

Mate: Shadowdancer, Sundancer

Kittens: Saga-Bianca

Other Family: Blackpaw (Father), Kirinki (Mother), Max (Brother), Grym (Brother)

Fur : Mostly white with gold/rust and black markings

Distinguishing Marks: n/a

Breed: Mixed/ part siamese

Personality: Before meeting Sundancer and Shadowdancer she was very suspicious of others, and had a very hard time trusting anyone. She would put up a front of acting angry and sarcastic, if she couldn't get away/ avoid detection.
Later she's still cautios when getting to know someone, but a lot friendlier. She also tend to have quite a temper when it comes to a subject she cares deeply about, and a tendency to being stubborn.

Bio: Was born and grew up in sewers, alone after her mother dies, shortly after she is weaned, and her older twin brothers disappear.

Misc: Color of her eyes are amber-yellow.
She uses a bo for a weapon, since she is rather small/short it gives her range.

Creator: Kvitter

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