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Name: Jovana

Nicknames: Jovie

Mate: Mercurius

Kittens: n/a

Other Family: n/a

Fur : Silver, golden orange, white, black stripes

Distinguishing Marks: n/a

Breed: Orange Tabby/Egyptian Mau mix

Personality: Jovana in general is a very quite queen. She is rarely the one to start a conversation, and usually is the type to give short answers unless she feels completely comfortable with the tom or queen she is around. She is a mysterious queen and constantly gives off that vibe as if there is always more than meets the eye. She hates small talk and would rather you say nothing at all unless you acually plan on holding a conversation with her. She is often missunderstood because of her quiet nature, and is undeniably good at heart.

Bio: Although Jovana never did really know her parents, she did atleast know her father's name was Azuik. When born she was raised until young enough to be taken by humans by a older queen suposeably named Shyeta. After she was taken by humans, she was raised the rest of her young life within their household and knew nothing of the outside world. This was the basic idea of her life until her human's befriended the human's in which owned Moora and her family. Jovana grew to trust and like Moora and depend on the show queen just as she would a sibling. Moora introduced her to the outside world her humans kept her from and to numerous cats, including Cayran and the Alexandrians.

Misc: n/a

Creator: Cayran

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