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Name: Jetsam

Nicknames: Jet

Mate: Sunsilk and Trova

Kittens: n/a

Other Family: Daemen (father), Mirage (mother), Flotsam (twin brother)

Fur : Mainly white with markings of black and golden orange

Distinguishing Marks: The patch on his hip is different from Flotsam's, and has a black "scar like" marking over his left eye.

Breed: Japanese Bobtail

Personality: Jetsam is the total opposite of Flotsam. Even though his past was abit morbid, the shorter, and leaner of the twins loves to act out and have a good time. Because of his overly rambunctious outlook on life, Jetsam has gotten himself into trouble numerous times, and Flotsam always has to bail his butt out. Jetsam thinks his brother is a little to protective of him, but secretly he looks up to his brother and loves having his own personal body gaurd. To say the least, Jetsam is a rounder.

Bio: Flotsam and Jetsam were born from a batch of triplets, however, the third of their litter passed away during birth. Growing up with their parents was nothing to smile about. Mirage grew utterly depressed at the death of Flotsam and Jetsam's triplet, and had been that way ever since. Their father on the other hand was simply mean, and beat the shit out of their mother when ever he was in a pissy mood, which was mostly always. After comming home from a stroll one day, Flotsam walked in to find his father physically abusing Jetsam, and his mother dead on the floor. In his rage, Flotsam murdered his father and both he and Jetsam ran away. The past doesn't seem to bother Jetsam all that much, but ever since then Flotsam has acted the way he currently does and watches every move his brother makes.

Misc: n/a

Creator: Cayran

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