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Name: Jay

Nicknames: n/a

Mate: Frenzy, Yuri


Other Family: n/a

Fur :

Distinguishing Marks:


Personality: Jay is insane, but deceptively so. It's hard to tell if he's completely insane or living in a state of super sanity. Don't mistake this for foolishness tho, Jay is highly intelligent and will kill you without a second thought. In his defence he only ever kills someone if there's a reason, of course the reason may only be clear to him.

Bio: Jay was born to a group of street Jellicle's and thrown at at an early age for his...antics. He travelled alone for a while and found trouble at every turn. He briefly travelled with a group of pirate Jellicle's where he met Miru, but was again thrown out as even pirates have standards. After this Jay began studying humans and his intellect grew.

Misc: Jay has an unusually high tolerance for pain and as a result has been known to enjoy a bit of sadomasochism. He loves to sing randomly. In fact the last thing many of his victims heard was Jay singing wildly inappropriate songs.

Creator: Francesca

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