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Name: Hayentrinh

Nicknames: Hayen

Mate: Flotsam

Kittens: n/a

Other Family: Kiscia (mother), Yonen (father)

Fur : Pale cream body colour with brown coloured points and streaks of steel blue-grey and brown

Distinguishing Marks: Wears a star-shaped sticker, has a pin nailed through his right ear

Breed: 1/2 Siamese cat, 1/2 Blue Abyssinian

Personality: Hayentrinh at first glance is an easy-going, confident and social young tom who loves to carry a carefree attitude or strike a good pose to draw some attention (if he feels it's in the right place). But contradicting to his attention-demanding exterior, Hayentrinh is very afraid of exposing himself. He is very concerned about other cats' opinions about him and would rather put up an act of being the cool and laid-back kind of tom than admit how he really feels inside. He prefers drawing attention to his looks than his personality and background. Those who comes on friendly terms with him though will experience a whole other side to him that is much more of his true self; as an intelligent, willful, sensible and curious little soul, who knows how to both have a good time and be as serious as he pleases.

Bio: Hayentrinh experienced the importance of having a pure bloodline from the very beginning. He was born the lovechild of a blue Abyssinian queen carrying the name Kiscia and a Siamese named Yonen, and while his parents never considered breeds of any importance, they could not prevent Hayen from learning the feeling of being lesser worth. From the moment their little family was accepted by his father's side as a part of the Siamese clan, the word 'mixed' became just another synonym for 'dirty'. Because of this, Hayentrinh grew up "walking on his toes". When he reached his teens, his natural curiousity got the better of him and he started spending time in the outside world, and it was there he met cats who truly meant something to him. He learned the possibility to be whoever he wished to be and altered himself according to just that

Misc: Hayentrinh has an unhealthy obsession with cream popsicles and would pretty much do anything to get his paws on one

Creator: Juuniji

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