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Name: Grym

Nicknames: n/a

Mate: n/a

Kittens: n/a

Other Family: Blackpaw (Father), Kirinki (Mother), Max (Twinbrother), Kvitter (Sister)

Fur : Mostly black with gold/rust and white markings, longhair

Distinguishing Marks: Maned

Breed: Mixed/ siamese

Personality: He's much harsher than his brother, has a lot of edge.
After the loss of their mother who was his guiding light in the world he develop a really hard, deep shell. Not wanting to lose someone he love again he chooses not to love or show love to anyone. He can be very malicious, but can also act nice if there's something he's after.

Bio: His mother and father escaped to the sewers when he and Max was very young, and he grew up in sewers along with Max and Kvitter after their father is trapped and mother dies.
When in his teens he manage to persuade Max to leave Kvitter behind as they are starting to form a little group of young tomcats, with Max as the leader, thinking she would only be in the way and would be better of on her own.

Misc: Color of his eyes are blue.
Hates rats more than anything, since they caused Kirinki's death

Creator: Kvitter

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