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Name: Ghast

Nicknames: n/a

Mate: Bumblebee

Kittens: n/a

Other Family: Feng (Father), Eir (mother)

Fur : White

Distinguishing Marks: Maned, two long braids with a red feather at the ends, short ponytail with long green ribbon, gold/red eye markings.
Has some scaring on the left side of her face running over her eye, scaring on her left palm and a gash in her left ear.

Breed: Balinese/ Foreign white

Personality: A strong-willed, cheerful young girl. She enjoys the lighter side of life, and is a free spirit, living from day to day and whim to whim. But she do have a serious side that she rarely shows. Loves to tease/play tricks on others, good at pick pocketing and to cause trouble, she also takes advantage of her magic to do it, as well as getting away afterward. She's extremely hard to catch when she doesn't want to be.

Bio: Her parents where murdered when she was still very young, only reason she was unharmed was that she had sneaked away to play in the forest that morning, she found them laying dead when she returned. A few days later she almost gets killed as well when she, as she mourns her parents, isn't paying attention to her surroundings. A big tom manage to sneak up on her and almost catch her, she barely gets away but not without some serious wounds, resulting in the scaring she now have. She runs into the forest seeking shelter among the trees. She buried her past as deeply as she could, and never wants to speak of it, acting her normal cheerful self.

Misc: The color of her eyes are black.
She has some limited magical abilities like creating small orbs of light, as well as the ability to become semi transparent to help avoid detection. She has a leather belt that she usually wears.

Creator: Kvitter

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