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Name: Frenzy

Nicknames: Frenzy

Mate: Jay and Yuri


Other Family: Zale (father), Felese (mother), Bumblebee (half brother)

Fur : Her fur is mainly white except for the halloween orange and gold tindged fur that covers her entire back as well as the backs of her arms, neck and tail. She also has wild orange to gold eye makeup, and black markings here and there. The black markings are usually in a patterened style.

Distinguishing Marks: Her distinguishing marks consist of the black triangle under her left eye, the black rings on her ears and tail, and her harlequin face.

Breed: n/a

Personality: Frenzy is basically the female version of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Her mother, Felese, was a very prim and proper house cat that taught her ever manner and honorable trait in the book. Frenzy usually comes off just as her mother taught her to act, and will seemingly be the most well mannered queen you might ever have the pleasure of meeting, however, anything, and I mean ANYTHING can set her off and make her go insanely crazy. She feels as if her insanity is acually a gift, and that she is brilliant, but that is just her. She is also the type of queen that when the insanity kicks in, and the little voices in her head start to mutter, she could be "killing" type.

Bio: Frenzy is the daughter of Zale and Felese. Frenzy's mother, before and after Zale's death worked hard to teach her daughter every manner in the book and made sure her daughter was high class material. She was never really into her father in the least bit when she was a child, and so, when her father's skull was bashed in by the led pipe, she wasn't all that sad. Although her mother wasn't to keen on taking care of him now that he was disabled and on his death bead, Felese at the beginning had acually agreed to stay until Zale did pass away. However, under Frenzy's cute "innocent" pleads and pursuasion, the crafty little fox was the main reason why her mother left Zale to die. Frenzy had a somewhat love/hate relationship with Bumblebee. She loved him because she found him entertaining and "funny," however, being who she is, Bee would do things that Frenzy found far to annoying and had to fight back the urges many times to find her own led pipe and rid the world of him as well. Bee knows of his sister's split personality, and still tries to pester her, however, he knows that after he pesters her and pushes her off the deep end, he better lock his doors and windows that night.

Misc: It has been rumored that Frenzy was the one that bashed her father's head in, however, there is no proof in making that rumor and fact. The only thing that can ever calm her down is soft humming/singing.

Creator: Cayran

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