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Name: Ettin

Nicknames: n/a

Mate: Joynita

Kittens: n/a

Other Family: Vatos (father), Noryn (mother), Brel (brother)

Fur : Mainly a silvery white with darker grey and black markings

Distinguishing Marks: He has black dots under his eyes and black swirls that run up his arms and legs. Also he has uncanny violet eyes and violet eye shadow.

Breed: n/a

Personality: Ettin is naturally very calm and serene. He rarely ever raises his voice and always tries to find a peaceful solution to any situation. He isn't in the least bit judge mental, nor does he hold any grudges. One might say that Ettin is the definition of pure innocence in more ways then one. Not only does he have a natural peaceful feel about him, but his tiny stature and child like features add to his overall innocent vibe. Ettin has no desire to kill and has a huge soft spot when it comes to kittens.

Bio: Ettin was born and raised Maoati. The Maoati's are a cat tribe that reside in the forests of Indiana and are sometimes thought of to be feral. Ettin on the other hand is far from feral. He grew up mainly under the watchful eye of his older brother Brel, and has the upmost love and respect for him. Ettin was born with some magical abilities such as creating orbs and light from his finger tips. Being a light magician, his magic isn't anything to intense, but it isn't anything to underestimate. He mainly uses his magic for his own pleasure and for entertaining others.

Misc: Light Magician

Creator: Cayran

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