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Name: Eclipse

Nicknames: Lipsey

Mate: Pouncival

Kittens: Luna, Dynamo, Carbucketty

Other Family: Ellipsis (brother)

Fur : Grey with brown and black stripes

Distinguishing Marks: moon shaped marking over her eye


Personality: Eclipse is quite mature for her age and very responsible. But with the right push (in particular from her mate) she can can become the kitten she has repressed for so many years. Eclipse has no control over her emotions. She is an open book when it comes to them.

Bio: Eclipse is a Macavity orphan. Her and her brother, Ellipsis, were born and raised in Macavity's services. Their parent work for Macavity, their father as a Hench cat and their mother as a healer.
Eclipse is the eldest and mature for her age, she had to grow up when her parents were killed. They managed to escape Macavity and found solace in the Hotel Tribe.
Eclipse is training under Didi to be a 'nurse'. She has no healing powers but has a urge to help. She met Pouncival and instantly fell in love with him. To date they have 3 kittens, Luna, Dynamo and Carbucketty.


Creator: Francesca

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