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Name: Cayran

Nicknames: Cay

Mate: Startrecker

Kittens: n/a

Other Family: Karm (Father), Saba (Mother), August (brother), Zinnober (brother), Amaury (cousin)

Fur : Red/Rust and White

Distinguishing Marks: n/a

Breed: Tabby Cat/ Part Somali

Personality: Much like any true Southern Belle, Cayran is very sophisticated and always holds her head high when she walks. She loves to doll herself up and thrives on her charm and natural good looks. She is a queen that knows exactly what she likes and wants, and what she doesn't and can get a little pissy if anyone tries to make her think otherwise. Because of this, she had a very vibrant display of opinions and doesn't mind voicing them in the least bit, even if such opinions are not needed or wanted. She none-the-less is a natural sweet heart and very laid back, but can at times be a smart-ass.

Bio: Cayran was born of a pure white, long haired female by the name of Saba, and brownish red tabby/Somali tom named Karm. Both her parents were from the Appalachian mountains of North Carolina, and were members of the "Alexandrian Tribe." Cayran also grew up within the tribe. Her mother was owned by humans while her father was a street cat, and so, she spent a good deal of time within a human household, which is probably where she got her high maintenance attitude from. Her brother on the other hand, who was born 6 years/seasons after her takes more after his father and enjoyed the streets a little better during his child hood. Being a wanderer and a free spirit Cayran enjoys seeing and experiencing new places, however, she knows where her home is and always seems to return to it sooner or later.

Misc: Being Southern she speaks with a southern drawl.

Creator: Cayran

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