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Name: Bumblebee

Nicknames: Bee

Mate: Ghast

Kittens: n/a

Other Family: Zale (father), Hallaway (mother), Felese (Stepmother), Frenzy (half sister)

Fur : Ringed black and gold

Distinguishing Marks: His facial markings and golden rings makes him resemble a "Bee" or "Wasp." (Hence his name)

Breed: n/a

Personality: Bumblebee, as one of his nicknames hint, can be literally a pain in the butt. He loves nothing more than grinding someone's nerves, and has received many scolding, and a few scars for doing so. He is, by no means cocky, but he is confident in himself, and is hard headed and usually drives someone nuts until he gets what he wants. He is a sly little fox and if anyone he cares for, or anyone above him in position asks him for a favor, Bumblebee would happily oblige with a cheeky little grin plastered on his face.

Bio: Bumblebee is the offspring of a sweet, perky little thing named Hallaway, whom is which is now deceased, and a rather stern, cold hearted father named Zale. When Bee was born, his mother marveled at his wild markings and thought it would be cute to name him after the insect he resembled, a Bumblebee. His father really didn't like the "cutesy" name, but none the less got over it and taught his troublesome son the tricks of the trade. His mother passed away when he was 13 years old, and his father had no trouble in finding a replacement mother for him named Felese. Felese soon gave Bee a half sister named Frenzy. At age 15, Bee's father went crazy after being knocked senseless in the head with a led pipe. Felese at that point had nothing more to do with Zale and Bee, and took Frenzy and left. Zale soon passed away not long after, and Bee has been taking care of himself ever since.

Misc: He often makes up stupid puns that relate to his name and fur coloring

Creator: Cayran

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