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Name: Bashiba

Nicknames: Shiba

Mate: Endrance

Kittens: n/a

Other Family: n/a

Fur : Mainly white with cream, black, and dark grey markings.

Distinguishing Marks: Siamese masked face and wild eye markings.

Breed: Siamese/unknown

Personality: Bashiba is naturally a very mysterious young thing. She keeps to herself for the most part and usually only speaks if she feels comfortable around someone, and or knows them. She will speak however if her assistance is needed, and her voice his very cool and collective as is her over all demeanor. Unlike most cats her age (or seemingly her age/ no one knows her old she is, even she doesn't know) she isn't very out going and wild, but naturally laid back.She has a hard time focusing and has an uncanny obsession with shiny objects.If one was to ever go inside her den they would be bombarded by all kinds of trinkets at artifacts, most of which she found, or stole

Bio: Bashiba never knew her mother, and barely ever knew her father. She was far to young to even know their names, but supposedly her mother disappeared, and her father died in one of the early battles against the pollicles. Before the battle that took her father's life, her father left her in the hands of an old Creole queen named Shaunri who had been an old friend of the families. Shaunri raised Bashiba until she herself passed away of her old age. Shiba was old enough at that age to take care of herself for the most part, but had been malnourished, which probably leads to why she is as petite as she is today. Bashiba took an interest in the old voodoo/gypsy ways and soon found herself becoming one herself. Ever since she adapted the gypsy way of life, she has be perfectly fine on the streets and finds that stealing provides plenty for her.

Misc: She wears a numerous amount of jewelry.

Creator: Cayran

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