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Name: Aya

Nicknames: Splodge

Mate: n/a

Kittens: n/a

Other Family:

Fur : A mix of pure white and shocking red

Distinguishing Marks:

Breed: n/a

Personality: Aya is carefree and innocent. She adores nature and loves to help, as long as she's in the mood of course.

Bio:Aya is a house pet (but always takes her collar off when outside the house). Her humans are art teachers.
Her father is unknown (someone her mother met at the pound before she was adopted by her humans) but her mother is pure white. An ongoing joke is that she was dropped in red paint when she was born.
Aya is the carefree sort and loves getting into trouble with her humans (especially when paint is involved). She loves spending time in the local country park. She's been going there her whole life but still finds new and interesting things to do every time.


Creator: Francesca

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