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Name: August

Nicknames: n/a

Mate: Eclipse

Kittens: n/a

Other Family: Karm (Father), Saba (Mother), Zinnober (Brother), Cayran (Sister), August (Cousin)

Fur : Solid white with only a few red, orange, and gold strands in his tail and head fur, as well as rosettes on his hip

Distinguishing Marks: August sports a head full of dreads which were done by his mother at a young age. He also has wild, exotic orange dots around his eyes and orange/gold eye shadow

Breed: Part Somali

Personality: August is most likely the kindest, mot gentle tom you might ever run into. He has developed a sort of child like innocence, however, he seems to have also developed the ability to sense another personality just by their voice, and or their over all smell. The reason for this is that August is completely blind. He was born that way. His handicap though does not hold him back though, and has learned to use his other senses, such as touch, hearing, and smell to make up for his lack of sight. He is very optimistic, and always tries to find the decency in everyone he meets, even if kindness is something they are not willing to express. He believes that good and evil are only a choice, and therefore, no one is born evil. This is probably why he strives so much to seek the good out in others, for no one is beyond the need to be loved.

Bio: August is the youngest born child of Karm and Saba. Being their youngest, he held a special place in their hearts, however August was born completely blind, and mainly albino, so he automatically needed extra attention when growing up. He developed long head fur much like his mother and his siblings, however, seeing as how he couldnít see in order to fix his head fur, his mother came up with the idea of giving him permanent dreads so that he would not half to worry about such a thing. The dreads as August grew older became his trade mark, and although he couldnít see himself, he knew that was what made him different from others, other than the fact that he couldnít see. August loves and adores his two siblings with all of his heart, and he will do what ever he can for them, as well as his parents.

Misc: Doesnít have as much of a southern drawl as Cayran does. As stated, has dreads and is blind.

Creator: Cayran

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