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Name: Faylyn

Nicknames: Ashes

Mate: n/a

Kittens: n/a

Other Family: Macavity (Father), Griddlebone (Mother), Miru (Half-Sister), Mungojerrie (Half-Brother)

Fur :

Distinguishing Marks:


Personality: Ashes rarely smiles since her humans died. After being abandoned by her parents and then loosing the only family she knew Ashes has locked herself off from the world.

Bio: Ashes, born Faylyn, is the bastard child of Griddlebone and Macavity. Conceived out of rape, Griddlebone knew she had to get her child out of Macavity's lair for her own safety. Soon after being born Faylyn was smuggled out and abandoned at a vets. Luckily she was soon adopted by a young family of humans and was happy. Her humans names her Dotty and she almost forgot her real name, having no use for it. Despite this happy life she never forgave her parents for abandoning her.
She lived a wonderful life with her humans until a tragic house fire killed them in the night. Ashes was the only on to escape. At this point she completely rejected her given name and renamed herself Ashes. After weeks of wondering Ashes came across the Hotel Tribe and settled in there. She was eventually reunited with her mother but still never completely forgave her.


Creator: Francesca

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