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Name: Annikan

Nicknames: Anni; Darth Vader kitty (by the resident nerds)

Mate: Akiye

Kittens: 2 yet unamed

Other Family: Ayame (sister); Jide (mother); Kiljoi (father)

Fur : Annikan stands at the height of 6’0” and weighs about 200 pounds. He is slender and lean, but muscular in the arms, legs and torso.
His fur is mostly white but he has black and gold markings in his headfur and a gold and black pattern on his right shoulder that is actually the same shape but different sizes and colors layered together, like an optical illusion. He has a solid black diamond on his left shoulder that is very large and ends at his elbow. Annikan’s tail is all black except for the golden tip.

Distinguishing Marks: He has beautiful bright green eyes that seem to glow like two circular glowsticks in the dark. And to top off all his fur, he wears a few accessories. He wears a loose silver chain around his neck; he has two piercings in his left ear, one on his right; and has a scrap piece of red cloth he found around his neck.

Breed: Manx/Japanese Bobtail mix

Personality: Annikan is laid-back and easy going. He's almost lazy, but at the same time, hyper. He's always trying to make sure everyone's okay, but at the same time, trying to relax. He has serious problems with that, and tries to do everything at once. (Which is why he always seems to end up with migranes.)
He is somewhat preppy, but not at all like the stereotypical, b!tchy prep. He's quite feminine, but still a guy. (He's very mixed and almost double-sided). He is also very possesive and can b!tch out anyone who tries to tell him that something is not his. (when he knows it's his, take his bandana, for example.)

Bio: Annikan was born into the Darkness tribe as the son of Kiljoi (a Japanese Bobtail) and his mate Jide (a Manx) and the older brother of Ayame. However, his younger sister, Ayame, left the Darkness to be an Eckol. Annikan was raised by his father while his mother raised Ayame in the Eckol. His father taught him most everything he knows (with the exception of how to sing and dance, Ayame taught him that) but Anni hated his father, nonetheless. He actually always envied his sister for living with their mother still. Annikan was quite pleased when his father was hit by a car (oh, how nice) and considered leaving the Darkness to live with his mother and sister. He decided to stay with the Darkness because he knew he somehow fit into the tribe in his special little way and, being as paranoid as he is around poorly-known cats, he would take a very lone time to adjust to another tribe.

Misc: Annikan is bisexual – equal lovin’ for everyone!

Creator: Jamie V

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