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Name: Amaury

Nicknames: Aury

Mate: Tomio

Kittens: n/a

Other Family: Lebeau (father), Isabella (mother)

Fur : Ruddy (brownish red with hints of gold and orange)

Distinguishing Marks: n/.a

Breed: Somali

Personality: Amaury is a very social cat who loves a good conversation and chuckle when ever he can get it. He is very open and bright towards all tribes and is always willing to entertain anyone. He knows he is fairly pleasing to look at, and he has that certain smile and look about him that easily allows him to charm.Amaury is a very demanding tom, and gets rather frustrated when something gets in the way of what he wants. He is true to his feelings and he doesn't feel the need to hide what ever he might be feeling at all times. He can at times seem somewhat mysterious, and he can give off certain looks that makes others wonder what he is thinking. His only bad habit is he loves to drink. He has been in numerous situations the drunk you run into at the pub that slaps an arm around your shoulder and sings loud and proud for all to hear.

Bio: Amaury's parents, Lebeau (father) and Isabella (mother) were pampered house cats, and show cats as well. His family raised him until is early teens in New Orleans, that is until their humans for better breeding opportunities moved to North Carolina. Despite living with humans, the two Somali's, once familiar with the city and it surroundings connected themselves deeply within the Alexandrian tribe, but never really joined. They mainly connected because Amaury's father was brother to Cayran's father. Amaury on the other hand did take an interest in the tribe, especially when he buddies up with a few tribe locals and despite his parent's ultimate wishes he remained with them, and his cousin Cayran ever since.

Misc: Being from New Orleans, he speaks in a cajun dialect

Creator: Cayran

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