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31/05/09: Updated profile, Annikan

16/05/09: New profile, Annikan

06/05/09: Two updates in two days? Maddness.
New profiles from August, Tinkintale, Ashes, Jay, Aya and Antonia. Plus Frenzy has been updated.

05/05/09: What's this? An update? It can't be? Well it be. I finally got on and updated.
We've got new profiles from Frenzy, Kiera, Saga-Bianca and Marliana Lace. Plus Cayran and Miko's profiles have been updated.
An if all that wasn't enough i've finally made some link buttons:

Feel free to put these on your sites, blogs, sigs, DA pages, anywhere you want to. Just don't forget to link back

29/03/09: Sorry again. I moved recently and it took over a month to get the internet back. I was going to update this weekend but I was ill. Sorry. I will update soon I promise!

5/1/09: I'm sorry, a lot of other things got in the way of updating the database. I will update soon, please keep sending your profiles

13/9/08: All the profiles are up. Feel free to send in more

11/9/08: Finally the OC Jellicle Database returns. Now i've jut got to rebuild the whole damn thing. This is going take a while so please bear with me.

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